bilateral Carpal Tunnel surgery feedback

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Dear Mr Harley

I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for the benefits the carpel tunnel surgery on 1 December has brought me – recovery has been excellent and I can honestly say the time since has been pain-free (other than the moments I actually forgot my injury and shook hands). I was able to drive four days later – helped by the simple £1 cotton scaffolding gloves bought for me from B&Q by my husband – worth perhaps letting your other patients know about those as they aid grip easily. I attach a photo.

Thank you again for your truly excellent work and really motivating manner – all much appreciated.

Happy Christmas

SS. Leatherhead

NHS referrals to see Mr Harley for hand and wrist problems

You can see Mr Harley as an NHS patient at North Downs Hospital (Caterham), Cobham Day Surgery, Epsom Old Cottage Hospital, The Horder Centre (Crowborough) and KIMS (Maidstone).  Outpatient appointments and all surgery are carried out by Mr Harley in person.  Referrals must be made by your GP preferably using the eRS (Electronic referral system) – eRS may not show the names of specialists so this has to be done by searching for specialism (‘hand surgery’) and hospital – ask your GP to add Mr Harley’s name to the referral notes or letter.

Horder Centre Hand Surgery Clinic

Mr Harley will be starting clinics for hand and wrist surgery at the Horder Centre, Crowborough on 6th June.  This will be for NHS eRS referred patients and also for private or health insured patients.  He also has clinics at the Horder centre outreach centre in Seaford.  Arthritis of the hand and wrist including joint replacement surgery, trapeziectomy, treatment of dupuytrens disease, nerve compression (carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes), rheumatoid arthritis of the hand.