"Thank you so much for taking such good care of our daughter - everything looked clean and neat. She has been really well after surgery, it really mattered to have someone treat her so effectively. We are grateful for how things went on the day and your skill."

"The tingling and numbness in my hands, due to carpal tunnel problems, had been getting slowly worse over many months and then one hand became very painful and kept me awake a lot at night. When I was offered the option of bi-lateral surgery (i.e. both hands at the same time) I saw it as the best and quickest way of dealing with my problems. I did have some apprehensions and some of my friends and family were very unsure about it, but I stuck with my decision and looking back was absolutely right to do so. Having had both hands treated at the same time I immediately had a very welcome, pain free, night’s sleep."

"Mr. Harley was professional, informative, attentive and kind throughout the time I was in his care and I would unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone seeking treatment for Dupuytrens - and indeed any other hand condition."

"From my initial consultation through to the post-care appointments, the service I received from Oliver Harley and his team was exceptional. My stay was comfortable, the food was fantastic, the nurses were delightful and the results were beyond what I'd expected. I would not hesitate to use Mr Harley and the McIndoe Centre again." LL South East London

Trapeziectomy - thumb arthritis:  Very good, well impressed…cant thank you enough. i no longer have pain when open jam jars. I can write again and i can pick my grandson up. - BG.  Ashford