Breast Asymmetry / Nipple Correction

tubular breast asymmetry harley crawley cosmetic surgeryboobs different cosmetic surgeryTubular breast with asymmetry corrected by internal release and different sized breast implants

boobs different mcindoe centre sussexbreast asymmetry correction harley cosmetic surgeryBreasts matched by differential reduction - early result at 2 weeks after surgery

All women have slightly different breasts in terms of size and shape but this is usually not a difference which is readily apparent do anybody else. A few women do have much more obvious differences between breasts.

What causes breast asymmetry?

This can be caused by differences in the amount of breast tissue, differences in the shape of the underlying ribcage or by a combination of both. Occasionally it is related to a congenital condition called 'Poland Syndrome' which also affects the arm and shoulder.

How is breast asymmetry treated?

Careful assessment of the breast and the chest wall is the first step. Symmetry is usually improved either by enlarging the smaller breast or by reducing or lifting the larger one (see breast implant, breast reduction, breast uplift). It is unlikely to achieve an exact match in size and shape especially if there are significant differences in size or if there is an abnormal shape of the ribcage; the goal is to improve symmetry. More than one operation may be necessary to achieve a desirable result.

Nipple Correction

The appearance of the nipple(s) can usually be corrected with local anaesthetic surgery - large nipples can be reduced and inverted nipples can be made more prominent. New nipples can also be made in the context of a reconstructed breast.

Some patients are troubled by the size or shape of the nipple pad (areola) and this can be reduced.

Nipple surgery is typically done as awake surgery (local anaesthetic). On other occasions the nipple may be corrected as part of another procedure (e.g. breast enlargement).

different boobs croydonbreast asymmetry boob job tunbridge wellsBreast implants of different sizes to improve symmetry and enlarge breasts.  10 months post op.

wonky boobs sussexbreast asymmetry boob job oliver harleyDifferent sized implants and internal release to improve symmetry and enlarge breasts.  10 months post-op.