Cosmetic Surgery

Breast Enlargement

“….they are great, I am so pleased with them. Really pleased; I have recommended you to all my friends.  Everybody was so kind at the mcindoe centre; I was frightened about being in hospital but it didn’t feel like being in a hospital at all.  All the staff, and Tim, the anaesthetist made me feel really calm.”   AF. Tunbridge Wells

“….6 months on I really couldn't be happier with the finished product. I had breast enlargement surgery with Oliver Harley. After breastfeeding two children I finally made the decision to make the leap, I wanted to be like I was before the children! Wow, I can't thank or recommend him enough. The whole process from start to finish was quick and relatively painless. I had an overnight stay at the McIndoe hospital in east Grinstead where the staff were lovely and I felt very cared for. I was discharged the following day, back at work after a week and now, 6months on I really couldn't be happier with the finished product. The mans a miracle worker. I would honestly say, stop thinking about it and just do it! The money it cost wasn't a fortune and was well worth it for the way I feel about myself now”   PW. Sussex

“really pleased - back the way they were before i was pregnant.”  KB. Reigate. 

“very very good.  really pleased.”  MA.  Crawley.

“best thing i’ve done.”  RF

“dear mr harley, a big thank you for doing a great job!  it has made a huge difference in my life and for my confidence, thank you.”  JJ. Rochester.

“thank you for a great job.”  LG. Sevenoaks

“best money i ever spent.  well chuffed.  you changed my life.”  SC. Suttton.

“Thank you.  It has changed my life.  I can’t wait to get fitted for my wedding dress.”  CS. Worthing. 

“fabulous; took pain killers first night after surgery but didn’t have any pain after that.  I can’t thank you enough, I didn’t think I would ever be able to get this done.”  JT. Maidstone.

“very pleased, a have already noticed my shoulders don’t ache any more.”  KW.  Ashford

“really pleased, delighted.  its been a very good experience.  jennie (secretary) was excellent and answered all my questions.”  HB.  Ramsgate

“amazing - much less pain than i expected.  just what i wanted.  nice and even and full now.”   VH.  Maidstone.

“so amazed by how natural they look.  you are obviously a vary good surgeon and i would recommend you to anyone.”  TH.  Crawley.

“amazing; i feel great; i could kiss you!”  LG.  Burgess Hill.

“amazing.  really happy.”  BBA abdominoplasty and mons reduction.  MR.  Rochester

“loving them.  well chuffed.  best thing i’ve done.”  CS. Burgess Hill.

“thank you so much - i feel like a woman now.”  GW.  Crawley.

“i am so happy. its everything i had ever hoped for.”  OC.  BBA  west sussex Breast Reduction

“….brilliant, my breasts look like they did when i was 20.  thank you so much.”  ER. Crawley.

“My shoulders and back are perfect - used to see physio every 3 weeks.  Also my friends say i am ‘taller’  because i am not stooping so much any more.”   KW. Ashford

“Thankyou for sending the photos, although I'll never forget how my pre-op shape made me feel, it's amazing how I quickly I've forgotten!  Mr Harley is a very talented surgeon, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for making the whole process from start to finish a professional one.” JT. Gillingham, Kent.

Breast Uplift

“…..really pleased; its healing so well and i have had no pain. thank you so much.”  AS.  Marden.

Eyelid Surgery

“I'm ecstatic with the surgery results! It's made all the difference while still being so subtle. If I don't see you I'll send some pics over. Great job!” VV. Surrey. (upper-lids blepharoplasty)

“…..amazing how quickly things have settled after surgery.  Really pleased with the final result.  i can’t thank you enough.”  SM.  Rochester (upper-lids blepharoplasty)

“Brilliant, very pleased.  helps me to feel much better about myself.” SN. Haywards Heath (lower-lids blepharoplasty)

Tummy Tuck

‘Brilliant…..I can fit into my daughters jeans now…..can wear a bikini this summer for the first time in years. ‘ JP. Orpington.

‘….thrilled with result….so lovely not having that overhang any more…..just makes me feel more confident….over the moon.’ LC. Haywards Heath.

‘Thank you very much.  Its the best thing I have done.  It was much better than I thought it would be and I had less pain than I expected.’  KC.  Ashford, Kent.

‘…feel and look absolutely amazing. I am still swollen but so pleased with the result already. So thrilled in fact, that I could cry!’   CG. Maidstone. (breast implants and also abdominoplasty with liposuction) 

‘Amazing; brilliant…..feel so much more confident……love my tummy button.’  CS. Gillingham, Kent. (breast implants and also tummy-tuck )

‘Its brilliant.’  KS Herne Bay.

‘I feel like a new woman.  Really pleased.  All my friends say how neat the scars are.’ JL. Crawley. (abdominoplasty and mons correction)

Hand Surgery

Carpal tunnel release

"The tingling and numbness in my hands, due to carpal tunnel problems, had been getting slowly worse over many months and then one hand became very painful and kept me awake a lot at night. When I was offered the option of bi-lateral surgery (i.e. both hands at the same time) I saw it as the best and quickest way of dealing with my problems. I did have some apprehensions and some of my friends and family were very unsure about it, but I stuck with my decision and looking back was absolutely right to do so. Having had both hands treated at the same time I immediately had a very welcome, pain free, night’s sleep."

“Its brilliant - i can drive without having to take my hand of the steering wheel every 5 minutes to shake it.”  BM. Fetcham.

“Very pleased, well worth it - i can now sleep.”  SD.  Maidstone.

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for fitting me in last Friday in Epsom. I am amazed at how successful the operation has been. Firstly, I have been able to sleep every night which is amazing. Secondly by Sunday I was able to peel carrots, potatoes and open a jar! I have had little pain and now only have twinges due to the scar healing.  Thank you again and have a great Christmas. - carpal tunnel.” DW. Ewell

“…..really pleased!”  JJ.  Epsom.

“…..very good - right from day 1 the tingling was gone.”  JM. Oxted.

“…..very pleased with it.  Much better.  Thanks ever so much for what you’ve done.”  AP.  Wadhurst.

“Absolutely brilliant.” PC. Polegate

Trapeziectomy - for thumb arthritis

“Thank you very much, mr harley.  its been brilliant.  you’ve given me my life back and opened up new opportunities.  I hope i have that nice anaesthetist again (Dr Vorster)”.  DF Crowborough.  

"Very good, well impressed…cant thank you enough. i no longer have pain when open jam jars. I can write again and i can pick my grandson up." BG.  Ashford

“Amazed…..3 months after trapeziectomy” .  DS Maidstone

“definitely improved, thank you so much, thank you for everything”.  AV Tonbridge

“very pleased with the early outcome”.  DB Strood

“……very good, well impressed…can’t thank you enough.  I no longer have pain when I open jam jars.  I can write again and I can pick my grandson up.”  BG Ashford

“….brilliant.  no pain.”  RT. Sheerness

“….thank you for everything.” BG  Ashford.

“….no pain, I really appreciate it.  Thank you for looking after me.  The nurse in theatres really made me feel at ease too because I was really nervous.”  JB. Epsom.

“Thank you so much - life changing - amazing.”  (Trapeziectomy both sides). TS. Maidstone.

“Amazing, its a miracle.  I now have a strong, working thumb.”  DR. Epsom.

“……really grateful, you did an amazing job; I can pick up my grandchildren now.”  DS.  Leatherhead.

"Its brilliant." JB. Ewell.

“….really pleased I had it done - thank you so much.” VW. Tadworth

“Thank you so much, I am more than pleased.” JB. Banstead.

“Brilliant. No pain in the thumb. I had no idea it would work this well. The injection on the other side has worked really well too.”  BS. Crowborough.  

"I first met Mr Harley about a year ago regarding severe pain and restriction in movement of my thumbs which subsequently required surgery on both. Firstly Mr Harley is an absolute gentleman and a highly regarded expert in his field. He explained in detail what the procedures would entail. 

He performed both operations, the relief regarding pain was almost immediate. I carried out the physiotherapy religiously, and strength soon regained. Almost a year on I have returned to my love of sport and sailing, I can carry out intricate work as well as physically demanding work involving my hands, something which I could not do before. Thank you to you and all of the team involved. Kind regards”  DT.  (Trapeziectomy both sides.) Cobham.

“Amazing - its changed my life.  TS.  Maidstone.  (Trapeziectomy both sides)

“……brilliant.  really impressed.”  TH. Epsom.

Dupuytren’s fasciectomy.

“You’ve done a marvellous job; stitching was so neat and wounds all healed up very quickly.”  MK. Epsom.

“…..very pleased, I’ve got to say that afterwards there was hardly any pain.”  EC. Epsom.

“Thank you so much - I really appreciate what you have done for me.”  BT.  Carshalton.

“…..very pleased - you have done a good job.” PM. Uckfield

“Superb”  DR.  Tunbridge Wells.

"Mr. Harley was professional, informative, attentive and kind throughout the time I was in his care and I would unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone seeking treatment for Dupuytrens - and indeed any other hand condition."

Joint Replacements / Fusion

“……excellent - no pain in my finger any more.”  GM. Maidstone. (DIPJoint Replacement)

“Amazing; no pain since the day I left operating theatre;  I have been doing tapestry for exercise and I can write now. It feels so much more stable.”  EF.  Robertsbridge

(MCP Joint Replacement)

“…..brilliant……so pleased.” LO. Banstead. (PIP Joint replacement)

“…..absolutely delighted with it - I no longer have pain in the joint.”  WM Peacehaven. (Thumb fusion)  

Ganglions and Lumps

amazing - incredibly neat scar - well done you.  JF  aylesford.  hand lump

moving well. delighted.  pat yourself in the back for such a neat scar.  KF.  Rochester.  ganglion wrist

really delighted. gout excision.  RM. epsom.

Wrist key-hole surgery ‘Arthroscopy’

“….I can shake hands and write without pain” PA. Tonbridge

“Brilliant, can’t thank you enough.  No pain.”  IJ. Maidstone.  

“Amazing - its made such a difference.”   CS.  Hailsham


“Its the best its been in a long time; very good.” CG.  Tonbridge.  (Steroid thumb arthritis)

“Excellent - superb job.” HM. Sheerness.  (Trigger finger injection)

“Its been absolutely brilliant.  I’ve had no pain, I ve been able to bend my fingers better and also to wear my rings.  MC.  Horsmonden.  (Steroid to thumbs and little finger joints).

“Thank you for your brilliant work on my hands - see, i can write again!  BW Eastbourne. (Xiapex collagenase injection for Dupuytren’s disease)

Cubital tunnel release

“……no pain after surgery.  Nice not to wake up with numb and tingly fingers.”  GP.  Tunbridge Wells.  

“……so pleased i wanted to come and tell you how much better my hand feels.  JH. Maidstone. 

Pisiformectomy - for arthritis

“……fabulous.  No pain any more and look how neat the scar is.  I can’t thank you enough.  CH. Newhaven.

DeQuervain tendinitis release

“….amazing, no longer getting constant pain.”  LT.  Hailsham.

Trigger finger/thumb release

“….very good, healed straight away.” TB.  Hailsham.

“…….great, I’m happy; miles better than I thought it would have been.”  SS. Uckfield.

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"Thank you so much for taking such good care of our daughter - everything looked clean and neat. She has been really well after surgery, it really mattered to have someone treat her so effectively. We are grateful for how things went on the day and your skill."

"From my initial consultation through to the post-care appointments, the service I received from Oliver Harley and his team was exceptional. My stay was comfortable, the food was fantastic, the nurses were delightful and the results were beyond what I'd expected. I would not hesitate to use Mr Harley and the McIndoe Centre again." LL South East London

“Mr Harley is a kind and gentle man who makes you feel comfortable and uses eye contact when speaking to you - very reassuring.”

“Dr Harley was polite, knowledgable, and very happy to involve me with decisions about my care; even showing me diagrams to enable my understanding.”