plastic surgery of fingers

‘Hand Surgery’ is the specialism which covers the fingers. Surgeons who go through training programmes in ‘Plastic Surgery’ or ‘Orthopaedic Surgery’ gain experience in hand surgery and some will choose to do hand surgery when they are fully qualified as specialists. In the UK, most hand surgeons will be members of the ‘BSSH’ – British Society for Surgery of the Hand…

Hand surgery, done by plastic or orthopaedic surgeons, includes treatment for injuries, (e.g skiers thumb, trndon lacerations), dealing with lumps or growths (e.g ganglions) on the hand, treating painful conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome (‘trapped nerve’), tennis elbow and arthritis (trapeziectomy for the tumb, joint replacements for the fingers) and also problems with the movement of the fingers e.g (dupuytren’s contracture).

There are also treatments available to address cosmetic concerns with the hands which involve using fillers or fat transfer to make thin or skeletal hands seem more fulsome.